Travel to Bay of Fundy – Canada’s Most Famous Site

Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy is a scenic, lovely and enchanting town in Nova Scotia. It is a popular tourist spot with many tourists from all over the world. Bay of Fundy is also the birth place of the Canadian maple tree. Canada has a long history as a nation, having been first occupied by the British, then by American and finally by the Americans during the American Revolutionary War. Canada is very rich in history and traditions and is known for its natural beauty such as the Bay of Fundy and many other pristine islands and bays. Tourists from across the world visit Canada to see these places.

When planning a trip to Canada, it is important to know the basics about obtaining travel and tourist’s permits. These are available from travel agents and post offices. Another option is to apply for a Canadian visa online. The processing of visa applications online is reliable and speedy and can be done even on holiday. Once you submit your visa application form online, it will be processed immediately and the card sent to you in a few days.

 All travelers must apply for a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization at least 72 hours ahead of the travel, use this website to apply

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Canadian visa cards are available online from travel agents offering discounts. The prices vary depending on the type of card one applies for and the destination one plans to visit. A standard card has no expiration date and can be used throughout Canada. Before applying for a travel card, make sure that you have all the relevant information such as passport photos, itinerary and immunization records. Most of these cards require at least one photo, unless one is eligible for a premium card.

For frequent travelers who wish to apply for more than one card, it is better to apply online. This option is available from many travel agencies. This option allows one to combine air fare and land travel to Canada and this makes the trip easier and faster.

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Most of these agencies provide online chat facilities and this facilitates communicating between the client and the agency. These chat facilities also allow one to ask queries and get answers. Online travel agencies also offer discounts for their services. If one cannot avail of these benefits on an immediate basis, there are other agencies that offer consignment option.

When choosing an agency, always ensure that the company has experience and expertise in conducting travel. Go through the testimonials of the previous clients and the reviews posted by other customers. If a company has no previous track record, do not expect great service. Also, check if the agency is registered with the relevant authorities. Lastly, select one that offers the best possible rate based on one’s needs and budget. Book your travel and stay in Canada with ease.

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